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Work at HouseCall.

Build something you’ll want to tell your grandkids about.

Working here is not a J-O-B.

At HouseCall, we hate the word “job.” It makes us think of cubicles filled with broken filing cabinets and bosses who look like Bill Lumbergh.

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Instead, we ditched the offices, added a dartboard, a kegerator, some of the most innovative people we knew, and created one of the most exciting start-ups in San Diego.

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We’re scrappy.

We get our hands dirty. We build every inch of our business from the ground up. And we’re excited by the prospect of starting at the bottom. Why? Because we hire people that don’t mind working their way to the top.

At HouseCall, we take our work seriously. But ourselves? Not so much.

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Want to Join the Team?

When start-ups talk about culture, they talk about their trendy office decor and great perks. But at HouseCall, we do culture a little differently. We believe it's about creating a team that loves each other's company and respects each other's skill. It's about working alongside people who will challenge your boundaries one minute, and grab tacos with you the next (and who doesn't love tacos?).

Don't take our word for it.

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